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Message from our Founder

I founded FV Specialists, Inc. (FVS) after working at both large national and boutique valuation firms. At those firms, I was a champion for continued education and providing services tailored to our client needs. After years of bringing improvement to other firms, I decided it was time to focus on building a world class firm that delivers best in class service to our clients.

In many of the firms out there today, there is a mentality of selling the project first, and then figuring out if they can do the work. At FVS, we discuss the needs of the client and identify how we can assist. If the project is one that we do not believe that we can provide top level services, we will not bid on the project. We have a relationship with various groups and will refer that work to a provider who can deliver top level of services when we can identify such a person.

At FVS, our focus is on having experienced personnel lead every project. Unlike other firms that only perform general supervision of junior staff, our senior personnel are directly involved in every key value judgment involved in our consulting services. We believe that experience is the key to providing our clients with the service they deserve and is the guidance for our slogan, “Make Our Experience Yours”.

World class service does not mean top costs for services. By customizing our services to your needs, we identify not only what is necessary to provide top level services, but also plan the most efficient way to deliver those services. Our proposal for services outlines the plans for the engagement.

Quality of work also requires ongoing communication with our clients. We not only let you know when problems occur, but provide ongoing updates of our progress. Most importantly, we strive to understand your timing needs and eliminate those problems that can delay our work. We also communicate and coordinate with our client’s representatives as needed on a project, with the approval of our client.

While our firm is small, we have direct access or access through an affiliated partner to world class resources on par with our largest competitors. In today’s information society, access to top quality information is a mouse click away in most instances.

Our initial consultation is always free. Please contact us and we can discuss what we can do for you and your firm.


Darren S. Cordier, CFA

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