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Tax Based Valuations

Fair market value requirements for tax purposes are guided by regulations as well as case law. Additionally, familiarity with financial markets, valuation methods, and current financial theory is important to support and defend valuations. Since the taxpayer bears the burden for supporting their assertions, the need for a well supported and informative report is essential.

Our valuations professionals have years of experience in providing defendable and supportable tax valuations. Our analyses include well documented assumptions, support for any valuation premiums or discounts, detailed guideline company research, economic analysis, industry analysis and other relevant research.

Our valuations for tax purposes include:

  • Purchase allocations and asset valuations (IRC § 338 and IRC § 1060)
  • Net operating loss (NOL) limitations & built-in gains (IRC § 382)
  • Non-compete agreements (IRC § 280G)
  • Like-kind exchanges (IRC § 1031)
  • Discharge of indebtedness (IRC § 108)
  • Worthless stock deductions (IRC § 165)
  • Investments for gift and estate taxes
  • Establishing market royalties for transfer pricing (IRC § 482)
  • International exchange of assets (IRC § 482)
  • Value of common stock and other equity (IRC § 409A)
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